Where are the results of  the surveys? “My Voice As a Mumin” conducted in early 2014? 

All results are now under the All Results  Section of the main menu.  Also see Comments 2015  Core Findings, or Your Demographics, or Misaaq, or Top Leaders Responses or see All Results in PDF 25 page doc

How do I make my voice heard

You have.  At least a large sample of you have voiced your feelings eloquently.   You can continue to comment on this website or through our contact form with your thoughts and suggestions. Better still, take our most current survey that is open:  “Worldwide Survey for Dawoodi Bohras 2015 SectionII”

I missed taking the prior survey “My Voice as a Mumin” and the 2015 Survey.  Can I take it now?  What was it about?

The My Voice as a Mumin is now closed and so sorry, you cannot take it anymore.  The survey was  objective, balanced and controlled for capricious responding – intended for Dawoodi Bohra respondents.   It was a simple and easy way  for Bohras with access to internet to organize their responses by well thought out and questions.   All the respondents had to do was to take 15-20 minutes of their time to answer the questions as openly and honestly as you can.  You can always send us your comments via the Contact form. Or take the survey that is Section II of the 2015 survey which is now open

How do I remain anonymous when I take the survey?

This is a reasonable concern.  The survey we conducted did not collect any personally identifiable information from anyone.   We will never ask you for your ITS/Ejamaat number or your  name.  In addition, only one survey per computer/IP address was permissible, so as to prevent and discourage multiple responses from one person.

What are you going to do with the information you collect from the survey?

For our prior survey which after 6 months of slow and steady response rates, we now have a representative sample to meaningfully report the findings of the study.  We are happy to now report the findings on this website.  You might also be interested in reading the reports in the print media about this survey which was published on September 12 in Hindustan Times and Mumbai Mirror.  Our most recent survey was also reported in the Hindustan Times

How do I be a contributor?

Please send us your ideas for adding content to this website.  We are especially looking forward to scholarly and content-rich material and articles.

I have more questions about this survey.

How do I make a comment or give suggestions?

You may use the contact form with your queries or comments.