Dissatisfaction, Compulsion, Money demands


3 October 2015   -   Major findings from the 2015 survey (section 1) of 757 participants indicate :

76% of the respondents are Dissatisfied with the Dawoodi Bohra Community as it functions, while 16 % are satisfied

74% felt that their religious and spiritual needs for inspiration, upliftment and character development were fulfilled in either a “below average” or “poor” manner by their local Jamaat office or Central headquarters of Dawat-E-Hadiyah/ITS office, while only 12% felt the same was either “excellent” or “above average”

Only 13% of all 757 respondents have declared their intent for attending 2015 Ashara this year because they “wanted to, are proud to attend every year and had no qualms whatsoever about making azam as requested”.

Another 13% of all 757 declared their intent because either “they felt they had no other choice, even though they object to being asked”, OR “they feared their ID or ITS card might be blocked, or laanuts thrown on them or their family, resulting in undue stress”

69% had not declared their intent or made azam for various other reasons.

Of the more than 1900 Comments made by respondents:

  1. More than 700 were reflective of suffering comprising of either shame, disgust, desperation, disappointment, disillusionment, hopelessness, isolation, no choice, fear, pessimism, being bullied, discriminated against, segregation, injustice, spiritual vacuum, invasion of privacy at the hands of the Dawat, or Kothar or Amils in their respective jamaats or central offic
  2. 400 comments pertained to money demands, lack of accountability.
  3. More than 130 comments pertained to force, compulsion and coercion
  4. 150 comments referenced cult, brainwashing, high demand, time consuming






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  1. 2 years ago

    The amils of all the masjid are Dictators. They keep on calling people and force them to attend Huston Vaez. The Amil in Virginia called Mr. Burhan (name changed) and asked him to attend the Vaez in Huston. His wife talked with the Amil and told him her husband has undergone an open heart surgery and cannot make it. The Amil got annoyed and talked with her in an arrogant manner saying “you could have postponed the surgery after the Vaez.”
    The dictatorship of Mr. Muffadal regeim should go and let the Bohras live in peace. The Bohras have a wide choice to select their religious head. They do have very learned Islamic scholars in their community. They do not want a political or a kingly head posing himself as a so called religious head.