Comments 1900+

A Few Select Comments from Section 1 of WW Survey of 2105:

  1. May Allah save us
  2. Our religion has become a cult -= need to change
  3. May Allah protect us all from the trials and tribulations and guide us all
  4. Our community is going down the drain
  5. No comment – as no action will be taken in any case
  6. What to say more? I am absolutely disgusted with the highest authority
  7. Wish change to come soon
  8. Everyone knows about kothar atrocities, but we can’t do anything. Just sit and watch the tamasha and be part of it too.
  9. Very afraid to Speak up
  10. Please stop harassing people and listen to them
  11. “A Mumin has no right to raise his/her concerns”
  12. Why always propaganda about late Maula and nothing religious?
  13. Our Bohra mazhab is only for the rich and maaldaar side, no value for the poor
  14. Not that it is forced (Muharram), I will not attend at all.
  15. I find it impinging on my personal liberty to practice my religion as I consider it to be within or without the precints of the holy Quran. La Iqra Fiddeen. There is no compulsion in religion.
  16. They take away all the surplus time, mindspace and social space to keep people completely enthralled with what is dished out. This is to avoid them coming into contact with others where people compare their situations with how others live.
  17. It is simply a marketing strategy to ensure the customers are loyal to the company, in this case, Syedna’s family


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